Shenzhen HOOP Architectural Design Co., Ltd has been established since 2000, and we also have a representative office in Hangzhou. As an Architectural design company, our company has a group of professional design talent with active and creative, the number has extended to 110 persons right now. Through the past decade, we have been learning, thinking, practicing, and discussing the questions about city and architecture. We concentrate on searching the foundation of the building that exists for people, we regard company as the window of knowing the world, and consider studying and thinking as our important work part. Meantime, base on seriously study and thinking, we never stop practicing to improve ourselves.

We hope the design work is serious and elaborate, it starts from the original relationship between human and world, at the same time, our design exist for people indeed. We avoid applying on some Ready-made theories and methods. And we keep asking what architecture exist for and how they exist and on what kind of situation. With phenomenology, we have solved some problems. We return the coexistence of people and buildings to the real situation instead of using the confirmed theory and Cognition of architecture. Therefore, the original relationship of people, architecture and the world will present gradually, the structure of cognition will be clear. We believe that the entanglement between structure of human consciousness and structure of world is the foundation that we seek. We try to utilize the best strategy to solve the problem of Aesthetic, technical and economic.


Executive Director of HOOP, Mr. Ouyang Ying accepted UED magazine's interview in September 2014, part of talks reflect our company's culture, operation principle and the attitude to design appropriately.

UED: In 2000, as the same year Shenzhen HOOP was founded, Due to the promotion of national relevant policies, a better space for the reform and development of the construction industry has been provided. But there are numerous attendant problems plaguing the development of the construction industry. Especially for state-owned construction enterprises. In this case,could you talk about how Shenzhen HOOP founded and come through that period successfully?