Shenzhen HOOP Architectural Design Co., Ltd has been established since 2000, and we also have a representative office in Hangzhou. As an Architectural design company, our company has a group of professional design talent with active and creative, the number has extended to 110 persons right now. Through the past decade, we have been learning, thinking, practicing, and discussing the questions about city and architecture. We concentrate on searching the foundation of the building that exists for people, we regard company as the window of knowing the world, and consider studying and thinking as our important work part. Meantime, base on seriously study and thinking, we never stop practicing to improve ourselves.

As a professional architectural design firm, HOOP Architectural Design always focuses on using niche methods to do public things. We are committed to macro-regulation and elegant details. we focus on lots of things like the creation of the planning space, the shaping of the architectural image,  and focus on the use of people, the convenience of the functions, all the designs of us are related to the use of people.