Study Of Commercial block design——City, Consumption, Behavior

The original blocks are public space between architecture and the city image. When people leave their house towards avenue, transactions of items are very common, and people are enjoying a variety of life as well like communicating with each other and feel harmony with the city…
When we are designing the commercial blocks, we should not only focus on the completion of commodities trading because E-commerce can complete the purchase with the website already. We concern more about the richness of blocks, the connection of blocks and city, human behavior and experience, the way to find the real life of blocks back.

The streets of Venice                                                   The streets of china

JinKe TianLai City                The second phase of Twenty-four city in Chongqing           Jinke-Chongqing Xing Yao west city

In European city, the proportion of avenue space for free activities is larger than our Chinese cities. If there are more city spaces for citizens, people would like to bring their daily life to street, therefore, street will become part of the People's Daily life.
The master design of site along the street is from the view of city scale, through considering the space of avenue and the abundant Interface to attract various activities in the street and to create a strong commercial atmosphere, in this way, the value of commercial interface is improving invisibly. In the project of Xi’an JinKe Sounds city, we design a sunken plaza around the corner to combine the city commercial zone, and we use “TianJie” to enrich the levels of commerce along the street. It matches the scale of city more from the view of the texture of plan. In the project of Chong Qing China resources 24 city phase two, we divide the site and make the community road, which ascends vitality of community and creates a better interface of Commercial Street. In the project of Jinke XIngyao west city, which is a master plan of large scale, we integrate interesting space to respond the street space of ‘mountain city’, the interface along the street is very changeable and interesting.

Commercial block is different from shopping center, the behavior is more unintended. People can just go out to hang out after dinner or take a book to seat down in a coffee room. Their daily life is blend in neighborhood.
If we regard the behavior of commerce as the activity to meet the needs of People's consumption demand, the existence of commercial block is the city space to meet the needs of consumption behavior. After research, back to the purpose of consumer behavior in commercial blocs, there are three types:

Necessary behaviors (happen in all circumstances, for example take bus )
Social behaviors (based on activities of others in public)
Spontaneous behavior (happen in suitable situation)

The consumption positioning of Commercial Street and distribution format affect the consumption activities a lot. When the positioning is correct, the distribution format is good and the commercial atmosphere is strong, the Spontaneous behavior will increase, at the same time, the social activities will increase stably as well. When the city offer more High quality public space to citizens, people would like to take activities on the public street, the consumption of people will feed commercial block back more, which forms an unique commercial center zone, enlarges the radius and the business benefit.
In the business design, in order to verify the blocks the rationality of the layout, we use the theory research of Space syntax to quantify the commercial space simulation and analyze the accessibility and the Visibility. For example, in the project of Jinke Sound city project, with Space syntax, we design a sunken plaza around the corner to bring the people into underground commercial zone , and with the inner street ,middle corridor and commerce along the street, the levels of space are more abundant, the flow line is more clear.